Why Ingramer is the best Organic Instagram Marketing Tool? Get Ingramer Coupon Code

Why Ingramer is the best organic Instagram Marketing Tool?

With more of the world going digital, the need for savvy digital marketing tactics supersedes all other strategies. 

Instagram is the second most powerful social media platform ad-wise. So, if you want to increase your influence as a digital marketer, you have to maintain a powerful presence on Instagram.

To do this effectively, you need a powerful Instagram bot like Ingramer. I will tell you why shortly. Later I will reveal Ingramer Coupon Code. This Ingramer Coupon Code is the bridge to better pricing. 

What is Ingramer?

As earlier stated, Ingramer is a powerful Instagram bot. It helps you grow your Instagram influence and followers by automating the repetitive tasks of running a successful Instagram account.

For instance, Ingramer will automate likes, follow/unfollow, messaging, and posting.

Anyone who runs an Instagram account knows the importance of Ingramer. So, it should be an easy decision to jump on our Ingramer Coupon Code.

However, if you are still on the fence, we are about to get to the features. And then, we’ll talk some more about this exclusive Ingramer Coupon Code.

Ingramer Features

1. Instagram Automation

I may have mentioned Ingramer’s legendary automation capabilities. You can automate your Likes, Follow/Unfollow, Direct Messaging, and Posting.

With Ingramer, you can set rules to govern what to like and unlike. Also, Ingramer offers smart unfollow which allows you discreetly unfollow everyone who does not help in furthering your course. Similarly, Ingramer can find and follow influential people who can positively contribute to your influence. Begin to change your influence right now with our Ingramer Coupon Code.

Ultimately, you will refine your followers into a highly targeted audience made of followers who are willing and interested in your business.

If you can do all these automatically, imagine all the time you’ll be saving! Grab this Ingramer Coupon Code now. You do not want this offer to pass you by.

2. Gifts and Bonuses

Everyone likes gifts and bonuses and especially your audience. Make your page fun by posting gifts and bonuses to your followers for bringing in more followers and any other activity that increases your influence.

Ingramer can help you set up all the gifts and bonuses. This way, it will not be labour intensive and you will be able to set up these motivational activities often.

Our Ingramer Coupon Code awaits. If you really want to grow on Instagram, you need a bot that mimics human behaviour and keeps in line with Instagram’s stringent measures.

So, what are you waiting for? Take advantage of this Ingramer Coupon Code to get a great bargain.

Ingramer Pricing

Admittedly, Ingramer does have a bit of a complicated pricing package. There are four basic modules.

Promo Module

2-Weeks: Charges $37/account

1-Month: Costs $57/account

3-Months: Valued at $144/account

Direct Module

2-Weeks: Goes for $19/account

1-Month: Charges $29/account

3-Months: Costs $74/account

Scheduled Posting

2-Weeks: Charges $12/account

1-Month: Costs $18/account

3-Months: Goes for $46/account

Hashtag Generator

2-Weeks: Valued at $14/account

1-Month: Costs $22/account

3-Months: Charges $42/account

These are the different modules and how much they cost. If you want more than one module just combine the charges for each to know the total cost.

As you can see, Ingramer’s pricing can really add up so take advantage of our Ingramer Coupon Code to reduce the price.


Ingramer is a great Instagram automation bot to have. And with our Ingramer Coupon Code, you will be well on your way to scaling.